SPHERU contributes to Canadian Index of Wellbeing

June 10, 2009

The Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) was launched in Toronto, Ont. on June 10, 2009. The Institute is independent and non-partisan affiliated with the University of Waterloo.

The CIW will report on trends and changes in eight interconnected areas that are vital to Canadians’ quality of life. Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine (SPHERU Research Faculty) and other researchers, who had spearheaded reports within the CIW, joined Roy Romanow, chair of the Institute of Wellbeing, in launching the CIW. 

The CIW will be a composite index of aggregating results from eight areas. Reports are currently available on three of them: living standards, healthy populations (written by former SPHERU director Ron Labonte and Nazeem Muhajarine) and community vitality. Similar reports are due on the environment, education, time use, civic engagement and one on arts, culture and recreation.

The first three reports offer encouraging news on Canadians’ quality of life. One of the CIW’s real benefits will be the way it reveals trade-offs and connections among all eight of the areas being studied. This may become helpful in aiding governments with their adoption of policies that address, for instance, the links between poverty and health and crime, ensuring continued and improved quality of life.

For further information and to view the full reports please visit The Canadian Index of Wellbeing.


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