Shanthi Johnson's falls prevention work featured

January 30, 2011

Dr. Shanthi Johnson is working to solve a number of health issues -- many of which are unique to Saskatchewan. Developing solutions to keep Saskatchewan seniors healthy as long as possible is the focus of a recent feature article profiling Dr. Johnson's work in Falls Prevention.

Dr. Shanthi Johnson
Dr. Shanthi Johnson
With a higher than average 65-and-older population, Saskatchewan faces health challenges related to seniors and falls. Nationally, these injuries cost approximately $6.2 billion.

"Building on my background in nutrition, kinesiology and gerontology, my research focuses on preventing falls in seniors and keeping them healthy as long as possible," Johnson says in the article. "In Canada, we know that one in three seniors over 65 years of age falls each year and this number goes up to one in two for those over 80 years of age."


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