Lit review analyzes definition of complex home care

April 27, 2018

A better understanding of the definition of complex home care could lead to better support services for Canadian older adults.

In March, Taylor and Francis online published a systematic literature review by SPHERU’s Shanthi Johnson and Juanita Bacsu.

Within the lit review, Johnson and Bacsu explore what constitutes as complex home care services. Of the 25 articles and reports the pair identified, only 16 addressed complex care specifically for older adults, aging and/or home care.

Home care is largely defined from a biomedical approach, and less commonly based on social determinants of health.

Through a social determinants of health approach, “a more holistic and multidimensional approach,” highlights the importance of living conditions for older adults when thinking about complex care.

For the complete published review, visit Taylor & Francis Online.


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