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February 13, 2018

The University of Regina’s Communications and Marketing team has released a feature story on SPHERU researchers and one of their passion projects – the History of Health in Saskatchewan Timeline.

The story, “Saskatchewan’s Healthcare history – Medicare, race-based access, and more,” looks at how SPHERU researchers Dr. Tom McIntosh, Dr. Jim Daschuk, Dr. Paul Hackett, along with Dr. Twyla Salm (Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs in Education, U of R), plan to use the timeline.

The historical timeline is a compilation of data on health outcomes for different populations in the province, combined with key political, economic and social events.

SPHERU aims to continue to build the timeline to be a resource and tool for teachers, researchers, and interested residents to explore the uneven distribution of health across Saskatchewan.

Co-director Tom McIntosh explained that the timeline has started to tell the story of how the “history of race determined, and still determines, access to care.”  

“One person sent us newspaper clippings about how her father had played an important role in changing rules around access to hospitals in major cities for First Nations peoples and instead being sent only to the so-called ‘Indian Hospitals,’” McIntosh said.  

For more on the feature story, Saskatchewan’s Healthcare history – Medicare, race-based access, and more

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