Tom McIntosh speaks on CBC Saskatchewan about history of Saskatchewan timeline

September 21, 2017

Saskatchewan may have been one of the healthiest populations in the British Empire

SPHERU’s Tom McIntosh spoke to CBC’s Sheila Coles on Wednesday about how that status has changed, and to find out why with the creation of an interactive historical timeline.

McIntosh explained how the idea to create the History of Health in Saskatchewan Interactive Timeline happened during a meeting with fellow SPHERU faculty member James Daschuk.  

Daschuk made comment at meeting at how a Dominion official in 1905 was quoted as saying Saskatchewan was the healthiest population in the British Empire.

“First thing we thought was, ‘Well, that’s not true anymore,’” McIntosh said in the interview. “And it hit us, how did that health change?

The interactive timeline is a compilation of events recorded since the late 1700s, including politics, employment, economic data, recordings of major health issues and disease outbreaks. By tracking this information, the timeline could illustrate how inequalities exist between different populations in the province.

SPHERU intends to continue to construct the timeline to be a resource and tool for teachers, researchers and interested residents. Anyone interested in contributing information to fill gaps in data, events and other issues that have arisen in the province’s history, contact us at  

For the full interview with Sheila Coles on the Morning Edition.

For the interactive History of Health in Saskatchewan timeline


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