SPHERU environmental reveals gaps in healthy aging strategies in Canada

September 28, 2018

What sort of interventions exist across Canada to support the nation’s aging rural population? 

SPHERU researchers recently published, “An Overview of Healthy Aging Strategies in Rural and Urban Canada.”

This the scan keeps track of healthy aging frameworks and interventions that currently exist across Canada at the federal and provincial/territorial levels of government. By taking into account what already exists, this publication can help provide a foundation for future planning to support older adults in rural communities and beyond.

The scan found that there are “Important gaps in the distribution of healthy aging strategies across Canada.” Frameworks and interventions are largely decentralized, causing provincial/territorial governments to develop their own actions to support healthy aging.

Saskatchewan was found to be the only province to not have developed a healthy aging strategy.

“This scan found that having a provincial seniors’ secretariat or ministry was key to the development, coordination, and promotion of healthy aging initiatives,” the report reads.

“Every province except Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, and the three territories were identified as having senior secretariats or ministries.”

SPHERU’s Bonnie Jeffery, Nazeem Muhajarine, Shanthi Johnson, Tom McIntosh, Nuelle Novik, and Colleen Hamilton contributed to the study. SPHERU would also like to acknowledge the contributions of Kylee Wilyman, Juanita Bacsu, and Aisha Siddique.

Check out the full environmental scan here.


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