SPHERU presents rural healthy aging framework

March 25, 2014

SPHERU was again selected to make presentations on its work with seniors at one of the largest multi-disciplinary conferences on aging in North America.

The Aging in America Conference took place in San Diego from March 10 to 15 and attracted more than 2,500 policy makers, practitioners and researchers. This is the second year that SPHERU has been invited.

The conference, organized by the American Society on Aging, brings together best practices and research in the field of aging.

Bonnie Jeffery, Juanita Bacsu and Nuelle Novik at the recent Aging in American Conference in San Diego.
Bonnie Jeffery, Juanita Bacsu and Nuelle Novik at the recent Aging in American Conference in San Diego.

On March 11, Bonnie Jeffery led a workshop on developing a rural healthy aging assessment framework created to assess the impact of government, community and kin-level interventions on how they encourage rural seniors to age in place. This framework identifies the key domains of social interaction, independence, community involvement, mental health, and cognitive health along with relevant dimensions and indicators.

On March 12, Juanita Bascu’s workshop examined rural seniors’ perspectives and provided a look at what rural seniors have to say in terms of creating age-friendly communities and how they can support healthy aging in place. The workshop stressed the importance of community-level input and hearing from seniors on specific environmental and social factors that affect their ability to age in place.

Nuelle Novik presented on the topic of urban seniors’ food security on March 14. It examined how eco-mapping can be used to understand and improve food security among the senior population, in order to reduce food insecurity, which can leave detrimental effects on health, independence and quality of life. The research demonstrated the ways eco-mapping is used to graph personal and family relationships as well as the linkages between formal and informal food supports.

The Aging in America Conference addresses a range of issues that affect the senior population, including aging in community, business and aging, health and wellness, healthcare and aging, and multicultural aging. Throughout the week, the conference featured more than 500 workshops, four general sessions, 140 poster sessions, as well as networking event, peer groups, roundtable discussions and an exhibition hall.


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