SPHERU’s Casebook looks at the best in KT

August 30, 2011

The newly released Innovations in Knowledge Translation: the SPHERU KT Casebook (edited by Fleur Macqueen Smith and Juanita Bacsu) is a cross-section of population health work and the innovative strategies used for sharing stories about this work.

KT Casebook
KT Casebook

The knowledge translation (KT) examples range from a music video for sharing healing stories of Aboriginal women’s drug addiction to a national symposium aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors among school-aged children in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Casebook is intended as a toolkit for academics, researchers, community practitioners, policy makers and others, and includes knowledge translation strategies, methods, and evaluations that highlight methods of KT evaluation and factors related to successful knowledge translation. It can also be downloaded at www.kidskan.ca.


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