Atlas Project

Last Updated: December 20, 2012

Paul Hackett, PhD (Co-Investigator)
Nazeem Muhajarine, PhD (Co-Investigator)
Bonnie Jeffery, PhD (Co-Investigator)

Maps can be used to show health and health care patterns. Digital maps have the additional advantages of storing data, providing a mechanism for retrieval and use, and testing hypotheses. SPHERU researchers are developing a user-friendly, interactive digital atlas covering health issues throughout Saskatchewan.

Goals / Outcomes: The goal of this project is to develop a digital atlas of Saskatchewan that will showcase the innovative population health research conducted by the SPHERU team. Initially, it will present findings from health studies concerning children and northern First Nations communities. Ultimately, the atlas will include the full range of SPHERU researchers’ work.

Funder: Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Health Research Team Grant