A comparative analysis of the emergence of Type 2 diabetes mellitus among the First Nations of Manitoba and Saskatchewan: 1945-1970

Last Updated: February 5, 2014

Paul Hackett, PhD (Principal Investigator)
Sylvia Abonyi, PhD (Co-Investigator)

This study examines the changing socio-cultural and environmental conditions among First Nations people in Manitoba and Saskatchewan that contributed to the rise of type 2 diabetes mellitus between 1945 and 1970. This has led to related complications such as hypertension, renal and diabetes-related retinopathy. Little work has been done to document these changes up to this point.

Goals / Outcomes: It seeks to understand the process by which ongoing cultural change led to changing dietary practices and activity levels. It will cast light on the present varied pattern of type II diabetes mellitus in the two provinces and contribute to the implementation of more culturally sensitive intervention programs among the First Nations. The research team includes Co-Investigators Ann Herring of McMaster University, Kue Young of the University of Toronto and Roland Dyck of the University of Saskatchewan.

Funder: Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, New Investigator Establishment Grant

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