Falls Prevention Research Laboratory

Last Updated: July 29, 2014

Shanthi Johnson, PhD ((Principal Investigator))

Epidemiological research is undertaken to assess the trends and patterns of falls among the elderly in rural and urban areas and to develop evidence-based interventions from a system-wide perspective. 

Intervention research on the role of community-based interventions involving exercise and nutrition to improve an individual`s capacity to carry out activities of daily living and to decrease the frequency of debilitating falls is examined through the Falls Prevention Research Laboratory.

Located in the Centre for Kinesiology, Health and Sport at the University of Regina, the lab establishes a unique and enhanced institutional research capacity, regionally to internationally. Fitness and nutrition assessment are integral to this research involving the elderly, which is part of a fully integrated and trans-disciplinary falls prevention research program. The lab provides for both on-site research as well as targeted interventions with the elderly confined to home settings.

Goals / Outcomes: As well as the institutional research capacity, the laboratory provides mentorship and collaborative opportunities among graduate students. The lab has been central to Dr. Shanthi’s Johnson’s SPHERU projects, including Preventing falls and falls-related injuries among seniors in long-term care facilities; Impact of home-based exercise program on falls and fall-related injuries; and A survey of falls prevention strategies in Saskatchewan long term care facilities.

Funder: Canadian Foundation for Innovation

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