Globalization and the health of Canadians: A transdisciplinary research network

Last Updated: December 20, 2012

Nazeem Muhajarine, PhD (Co-Investigator)

At present, globalization may represent the single most important contextual element that determines the social and economic policy choices of governments.

Goals / Outcomes: This project, led by Principal Investigator Ron Labonte of the University of Ottawa, provides opportunities for knowledge exchange and methodological cross‐fertilization that are not now available; investigates the impact of globalization on disparities in health at the local (municipal, neighbourhood, and community) scale; generates new research projects and training opportunities related to globalization and health disparities; and identifies opportunities and best practices for interventions in response to the challenges presented by globalization. It represents the work of university researchers across the country.

Funder: Canadian Institutes of Health Research Reducing Health Disparities International Capacity Enhancement