Improving functional capacity and reducing falls among frail older adults: Delivery of exercise intervention through home care network

Last Updated: September 30, 2013

Shanthi Johnson, PhD (Principal Investigator)

This project is studying ways to improve functional capacity and reduce falls among frail, largely homebound older adults, by examining the impact of a home-based exercise program on functional capacity, falls, and fall-related injuries. Shanthi Johnson is Principal Investigator, along with Dawn McNeil. Comparisons will be made among seniors living in rural and urban areas, and between those participating in an exercise group and those who are not. The project is linked with Shanthi Johnson’s other work with the Falls Prevention Research Laboratory.

Goals / Outcomes: By focusing on the delivery of exercise programs through home care networks, researchers aim to reduce the impact of falls on the lives of Saskatchewan residents and the health care system.

Funders: Canadian Institutes for Health Research; Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation