Evaluating community and organizational transition to enhance health status of residents of northern Saskatchewan (Northern Health Strategy: Building on the Momentum)

Last Updated: January 29, 2013

Bonnie Jeffery, PhD (Principal Investigator)

The Northern Health Strategy Working Group (NHSWG), is a partnership of 13 government, non-government and First Nation health organizations engaged in the delivery of health care in Northern Saskatchewan. The NHSWG work cooperatively and collaboratively across the multiple jurisdictions having responsibility for service delivery in the north. In 2008 the NHSWG contracted with SPHERU to conduct an evaluation of their Northern Health Strategy: Building on the Momentum project, funded under the integration initiatives of the Aboriginal Health Transition Fund. This progress evaluation follows an earlier evaluation completed by SPHERU of NHSWG’s Shared Paths for Northern Health project.

Goals / Outcomes:  The overriding objective of the Northern Health Strategy Working Group was to work cooperatively and collaboratively to improve the health status of all Northern residents.  Efforts were focused on activities that resulted in better integrated and adapted services thereby improving access to quality programs and services in the North. This evaluation assessed 1) progress made toward the on-going effectiveness of multi-jurisdictional partnerships and decision-making processes and 2) progress on selected goals of the Building on the Momentum project.

At the request of the NHSWG, SPHERU also completed the first component of an evaluation of the Dentist Access Initiative, an initiative of NHS's Northern Oral Health Working Group.  This initial component consisted of interviews with key stakeholders/informants on the implementation process of the intiative.

Funder: Northern Health Strategy Working Group

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