What a Saskatchewan winter could mean for the fight against COVID-19
Zak Vascera · Saskatoon StarPhoenix · Aug 19, 2020
Muhajarine said SPHERU's voluntary survey has collected 3,000 responses from people across the province about their behaviour during the pandemic over the last 13 weeks. In May, the number of people deemed high risk in Saskatchewan was 26% of respondents. At the end of July it was 34%. More...

Data drives decisions to contain COVID-19
James Shewaga · On Campus News - USask · Aug 14, 2020
"In one of the first studies of its kind on the global pandemic, Muhajarine’s team in SPHERU is surveying provincial residents each month, sharing results of public perceptions of pandemic policies and how many people are following prevention measures." More...

Greater detail needed in Sask. COVID-19 case reporting: epidemiologist
Ashley Martin · Regina Leader-Post · Posted Aug 07, 2020
“I would say that it’s heading in the right direction, meaning we are getting information at a little bit more detail of geography, but I would say it’s not even a full step, it’s half a step,” said Nazeem Muhajarine. More...


'We need to get ahead of this': Sask. epidemiologist says masks should be mandatory to slow COVID-19
Adam Hunter, CBC News · Posted: Jul 23, 2020
"How long do we wait? How many cases do we need to see before we move on a policy that hospitals have instituted and research has shown that it is effective," Muhajarine said. More...

Letter to the Editor: Saskatoon data — mask wearing and COVID-19
Nazeem Muhajarine, Saskatoon StarPhoenix · Posted: July 23, 2020
These data, not impressions or anecdotes, need to drive policy or public health directives regarding mask wearing. More...

COVID-19: Trouble tracking origin of new cases raises concerns
Zak Vescera, Saskatoon StarPhoenix · Posted: Jul 22, 2020
"Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine believes part of that may be because some cases are asymptomatic. 'I think this is a feature of the virus that makes this virus very dangerous and very threatening to human health,' he said." More...

Western Canada is open for business but COVID-19 is spiking: Four charts that analyze the numbers there and in Ontario
Kenyon Wallace, Patty Winsa, ParrySound.com
· Posted: July 20, 2020
In the last 10 days, Saskatchewan has also seen an uptick in cases. “That is a concern,” said Nazeem Muhajarine. “That does tell us that we have to be vigilant and the virus is out there.” More...

COVID-19 in Sask: As cases rise, epidemiologist says province should give specific locations
Alex Soloducha, CBC News
· Posted: Jul 17, 2020 2:10 PM CT
Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine said he is concerned that if people aren't told where the coronavirus is present, they may relax and allow it to spread. Read the complete article.

Opinion: Those most concerned about COVID-19 more likely to wear masks in Sask.
Nazeem Muhajarine - Op-Ed, Regina Leader-Post, July 8, 2020
As our province reopens and we begin to resume more of our normal activities, the simple question of whether or not to wear a face mask has received mixed reactions. Read the complete op-ed.

Opinion: Survey Sheds Light on Mask Wearing Practice
Nazeem Muhajarine and Miles Fahlman - Op-Ed,
Saskatoon StarPhoenix, July 8, 2020
Those most worried about COVID-19 are more likely to adopt measure in province, say Muhajarine and Fahlman. Read the complete op-ed.

WATCH: We asked the experts your COVID questions - What about masks?
Lisa Machado, Healthing.ca - Postmedia · Posted: July 6, 2020 
Healthing.ca’s Executive Producer, Lisa Machado, goes right to the experts to get the answers on personal protection. More...