Picture of Dr. Daniel Fuller

Dr. Daniel Fuller PhD Researcher, School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Memorial University

Dr. Daniel Fuller spent his teenage years riding his bicycle through Saskatoon’s inner city neighbourhoods to the Victoria Boathouse, where he spent his summers kayaking on the South Saskatchewan River. The time spent paddling and observing the city from his bicycle got him thinking. Thinking about how urban environments can promote or limit physical activity. Thinking about how environments can be structured to reduce social inequalities in health.

About Daniel Fuller, PhD

As Canada Research Chair in Population Physical Activity, Dr. Fuller is now trying to answer these questions. Physical activity is important for the prevention and treatment of many diseases including diabetes, mental health, and some cancers. Unfortunately, physical activity is notoriously difficult to change. Only 15% of the Canadian population meet physical activity guidelines, with more educated and higher income people being more active.

Working closely with cities and local community organizations, and using mobile health technologies Dr. Fuller’s research examines the best ways to design and build cities and towns that equitably increase physical activity for the entire population. His team develops new interventions and works with cities to evaluate the impact of existing interventions including bicycle share programs, bridge construction, and snow clearing on physical activity.

Dr. Fuller’s vision is a physically active Canadian population. His mission is to conduct research that will help design urban and rural environments that equitably increase physical activity for the entire population.