Team Members

Picture of Dr. Sylvia Abonyi

Dr. Sylvia Abonyi PhD Researcher Community Health and Epidemiology (University of Saskatchewan)

Research Area(s): The use of video and other multi-media technologies as knowledge exchange/translation tools, Medical/health anthropology, Qualitative research methods, Aboriginal health, Population health, Community-based research methods and ethics, Culture as a health determinant

Picture of Dr. Juanita Bacsu

Dr. Juanita Bacsu PhD Research Associate,, Department of Psychology (University of Saskatchewan)

Research Area(s): Rural and remote health, Dementia, Cognitive health promotion, Aging and health, Population health, Community based-research methods

Picture of Dr. Jim Daschuk

Dr. Jim Daschuk PhD Researcher Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies (University of Regina)

Research Area(s): Environmental history, Canadian history and medical history, Aboriginal history, Population health

Picture of Dr. Rachel Engler-Stringer

Dr. Rachel Engler-Stringer PhD Researcher Community Health and Epidemiology (University of Saskatchewan)

Research Area(s): Food systems and food security, Nutritional health inequities, Health promotion, Participatory research

Picture of Diana Fedosoff

Diana Fedosoff Research Officer (University of Saskatchewan)

Diana Fedosoff has been a member of SPHERU since 2002. She is Research Officer for Dr. Sylvia Abonyi and manages Dr. Abonyi's research program by coordinating administrative, financial and research activities on various projects. Diana has also come on board to assist with SPHERU admin and communication duties.

Picture of Dr. Daniel Fuller

Dr. Daniel Fuller PhD Researcher School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Memorial University

Dr. Daniel Fuller spent his teenage years riding his bicycle through Saskatoon’s inner city neighbourhoods to the Victoria Boathouse, where he spent his summers kayaking on the South Saskatchewan River. The time spent paddling and observing the city from his bicycle got him thinking. Thinking about how urban environments can promote or limit physical activity. Thinking about how environments can be structured to reduce social inequalities in health.

Picture of Dr. Paul Hackett

Dr. Paul Hackett PhD Researcher Geography and Planning (University of Saskatchewan)

Research Area(s): History of First Nations health, Historical epidemiology, History of diabetes among the first Nations of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, History of tuberculosis among the First Nations of western Canada, History of health care

Picture of Michelle Harazny

Michelle Harazny Project Coordinator

Michelle Harazny joined SPHERU in 2019 as Project Coordinator of Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan. She works with Dr. Bonnie Jeffery, Dr. Tom McIntosh, and Dr. Nuelle Novik, and coordinates initiatives with organizations in Yorkton and surrounding communities.

Picture of Dr. Bonnie Jeffery

Dr. Bonnie Jeffery PhD Researcher Social Work (University of Regina)

Research Area(s): Access to services for rural and northern residents, Health of rural seniors, Community health indicators, Community-based research, Mixed methods research

Picture of Dr. Shanthi Johnson

Dr. Shanthi Johnson PhD Researcher Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies (University of Regina)

Research Area(s): Falls and injury prevention, Exercise and nutrition interventions, Global health and cross-cultural research

Picture of Dr. Tom McIntosh

Dr. Tom McIntosh PhD Researcher & Associate Director Political Science (University of Regina)

Research Area(s): Health and health human resources, Health policy reform, Health governance

Picture of Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine

Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine PhD Professor, Community Health and Epidemiology

Research Area(s): Neighbourhood social and physical (including built) environments and children's health, Prenatal and early childhood development, Population based intervention research, particularly in early childhood, Community-university research partnerships, Knowledge translation and exchange, Social epidemiological methods, Health services research

Picture of Dr. Cordell Neudorf

Dr. Cordell Neudorf PhD Research Associate Community Health and Epidemiology (University of Saskatchewan)

Dr. Neudorf is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology at the University of Saskatchewan and joined SPHERU in 2013. Much of his work focuses on improving the social determinants of health. He is Chief Medical Officer of Health for the Saskatoon Health Region and collaborated with SPHERU to produce the Healthy Families, Healthy Communities report, released in late 2012.

Picture of Dr. Nuelle Novik

Dr. Nuelle Novik PhD Researcher Social Work (University of Regina)

Research Area(s): Social determinants of health and healthy equity, Rural and remote practice in health and social services, Aging and seniors, Mental health, Community-based research, Palliative care and bereavement

Picture of Dr. Gabriela Novotna

Dr. Gabriela Novotna PhD Researcher Faculty of Social Work (University of Regina)

Research Area(s): substance use and misuse, concurrent disorders, gambling, harm reduction, implementation science, institutional theory

Picture of Dr. Sarah Oosman

Dr. Sarah Oosman PhD Researcher School of Physical Therapy (University of Saskatchewan)

Research Area(s): Health promotion, Promotion of physical activity and nutrition, Intervention research, Qualitative and quantitative research methods, Aboriginal health, Health of children and seniors, Population health, Culture-based and community-based research methods

Picture of Dr. Michelle Stewart

Dr. Michelle Stewart PhD Researcher Justice Studies, Faculty of Arts (University of Regina)

Research Area(s): social justice, medical anthropology, stigmatized medical conditions, research methods