Picture of Dr. Paul Hackett

Dr. Paul Hackett PhD Researcher, Geography and Planning (University of Saskatchewan)

Dr. Hackett's research focuses on the impact of cultural change driven by colonialism on the health of Indigenous communities, through archival research and collaboration with those communities. He seeks to understand how the actions of the past have set the stage for the health challenges of the present. Research projects include examining the factors that helped set the stage for the current epidemic of Type 2 diabetes that affect some First Nations communities in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and investigating the history of tuberculosis among the western First Nations. Central to these projects is documenting the devastating impacts of residential schools on community health. He is also currently working on the SPHERU project, History of Public Health and Health Care in Saskatchewan: The origins and import of health inequities in Saskatchewan 1905-1985. Dr. Hackett is an associate professor with the University of Saskatchewan's Department of Geography and Planning.

Research Area(s)

  • History of First Nations health
  • Historical epidemiology
  • History of diabetes among the first Nations of Manitoba and Saskatchewan
  • History of tuberculosis among the First Nations of western Canada
  • History of health care