Evidence that ties gender inequality, lack of antenatal care coverage, absence of skilled birth attendants at delivery to higher rates of stillbirths worldwide

We are pleased to share our findings from our recent paper on global stillbirth and social determinants of health published in Scientific Reports (Nature Science journal).

Stillbirth exact a significant personal toll on women who experience it; furthermore, as an indicator of maternal-child health, it has being under-studied and under-appreciated, in planning and global goal-setting frameworks (e.g. SDGs, former MDGs).

For ease of understanding, we have attached an infograph. Those interested in reading the paper and viewing the supplementary file, here is the link with reference:



Adeyinka, D.A., Olakunde , B.O. & Muhajarine , N. Evidence of health inequity in child survival: spatial and Bayesian network analyses of stillbirth rates in 194 countries. Sci Rep 9, 19755 (2019)

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