Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan

The project team is collaborating with the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan and other provincial and local organizations to design and implement individual, community and organizational level interventions that enhance social inclusion of older adults with dementia living in small towns and rural communities in Saskatchewan.


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Collective Impact

Selected organizations from different sectors will work together to build a Collective Impact approach based on their shared vision.

The objective of this Collective Impact approach is to implement interventions at three levels:

Individual Level
Providing individuals with dementia and their care partners an opportunity to participate in activities that build social connections and improve physical fitness.

Community Level
Supporting communities with tools to engage those living with dementia and their care partners to participate fully in community life.

Organizational Level
Engaging businesses and organizations to adopt policies and practices that facilitate those living with dementia and their care partners to fully access services.

For more information: To find out more about the Collective Impact approach, visit Employment and Social Development Canada’s website: New Horizons for Seniors Program

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